Announcement: Starting at March 1st, Rita won’t be offering training under Yogi Pups and Purrs anymore, instead she is partnering with Alyssa Lapinel at Legends Dog Training. This will not affect our current clients and Yogi Pups will still serve our regular and future clients with daily dog walks, dog runs, beach trips, hikes and pet sitting. Training will go under Legends Dog Training, with either Rita or Alyssa.Thank you for your understanding!


San Diego Dog Walking: The Yogi Way

A Yogi, if you don’t know, is a practitioner of Yoga. The goal of Yoga is the attainment of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility. Towards this aim, we at Yogi Pups & Purrs also believe that every living thing has a soul and deserves consideration, your dog or cat included. We know how hard it is to maintain tranquility in San Diego’s fast-paced world. And that is why we are here. As a Yogi utilizes Prana to maintain inner tranquility, we use positive reinforcement dog training techniques to maintain a healthy relationship and good communication between you and your four-legged friend. We at Yogi Pups and Purrs offer a simple tenet behind our positive reinforcement philosophy: dogs deserve an optimal learning atmosphere, free of outdated corrections and punishments.


Positive Reinforcement For Dogs:

Modern dog training techniques no longer accept the outdated notion that punishment and humiliation produce desirable results. And neither do we. Instead of focusing solely on your dog’s bad habits, we encourage what your dog is doing right, fostering trust and goodwill. This strengthens the bond you already share and makes the learning process an adventure, which rewards you both. Positive reinforcement techniques will produce right results with any dog, regardless of age or temperament. At Yogi Pups & Purrs, we believe that good leadership is about partnership and love.

Yogi Pups & Purrs offers you:

Dog Walking

Dog Running

Walk & Train program

Beach excursions

Hiking Trip

Puppy & Cat & Bird& Fish & Horse Visits

Pet Sitting & Boarding


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